Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*TIPS* How to Win Blog Giveaways

1) Make sure to follow the rules.

2) Don't forget the mandatory entry

3) Complete as many bonus entries as possible

4) Tweet daily

5) Keep a list of which blogs you are following on Google Friends Connect, Facebook,
Twitter, etc. A lot of blogs have giveaways on a regular basis, so most likely you
will be back. This makes it a lot quicker if you can just refer to your list and don't
have to keep checking all your accounts.

6) Do you ever find a blog giveaway that you really want to win, but there are already hundreds of entries?  Well, just search google to see if there are any other blogs that are giving away the same item.  Just type the item that you want to win with blog giveaway after that into the google search. Chances are you're going to find several that don't have too many entries!

7) Think about starting your own blog! This way you can get more entries for
grabbing button and for blogging about the giveaways.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me a question!

Thanks and good luck with the giveaways!