Thursday, March 22, 2012

BzzAgent - Hill's® Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ cat food

I just recently signed up to become a BzzAgent and so far the experience has been great! I just received my first campaign and was given the opportunity to try out Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance cat food. My cat Rusty was pretty excited about this campaign too! :) 

First off, I always try to feed my cat the food that is the healthiest and most beneficial for his active lifestyle. After reading some material about Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance cat food I was positive that this food fit the bill! I received a bag of the food and decided to try it out right away. I was worried that Rusty might not like a change, but I was definitely wrong! The first ingredient is fresh chicken, so you that's a good start. There's no corn and it contains the optimal levels of the nutrients that cats need.

I poured my cat a bowl and he went to town! I think he actually thought that he was eating a big bowl of cat treats, because he seemed to excited. I left the bag on the kitchen floor, because I hadn't gotten around to putting it away yet and he actually ripped the bag open! I think it's safe to say he liked the taste and I like that he's getting a balanced diet. So far we're both very happy with Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance cat food.

There's also a handy tool where you can compare the cat (or dog) food that you're currently using with Hill's Science Diet.

You can check it out here: